Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Program

Tools for Buyers

Penn buyers and decision makers are integral to developing and sustaining business relationships with diverse suppliers. Among the tools that Procurement Services provides to guide buyers are:  

Supplier Search Tool

Along with offering a procure-to-pay portal (Penn Marketplace) that is rich with diverse suppliers, the Supplier Search tool is a robust resource for Penn buyers to identify diverse and local suppliers. 

Buyers Online Diversity Assistance Form

Penn buyers can use this online form to obtain assistance from Procurement Services when sourcing diverse suppliers for a specific commodity or service.


This tool is built on Procurement Services’ existing Supplier Search engine. However, it has additional capabilities including searchable data for diversity-owned, local caterers in Penn Marketplace as well as on the Procurement Services website. Thirty-nine organizations that hold at least one diversity classification and 46 companies that are based in Philadelphia (19 in West Philadelphia) are available to Penn buyers.

Economic Inclusion Website

This website provides buyers with information about the programs established for diversity supplier success, highlights some of diversity-owned businesses with whom Penn works, and provides information about the University’s Economic Inclusion Network.

Advanced Analytics

Procurement Services can provide advanced analytics including a diversity-procurement scorecard, detailed spend information, and diverse supplier recommendations to help guide leadership in determining areas of opportunity to increase inclusive procurement.

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